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YEAR 4 2019 - 2020

Mrs Bours

Mrs Lord

Mr Gee

Mrs Findler

Mrs Fish

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Summer Term
Hello Year 4s!
As we can't get together in school yet, I shall continue to put weekly activities onto our class page for you to access. Some will be online tasks, others may be paper-based. Please do complete these by Sunday of each week, as the next week's learning will appear each Monday.
Don't forget to take photos or email any work you do to me at:   hannahbours@castleprimary.co.uk
If you are struggling to plan out when to do your home learning tasks, then do take a look at a suggested timetable for each day that Miss Mason has created for you.


Things to do EVERY week:
  • Read every day. Reading your own books, ebooks, audio books and being read to make the reading experience far more varied and enjoyable.
  • Weekly EducationCity tasks set for maths, English and science.
  • Maths and English homework books - pages will be given that match the weekly focus. 
  • Access TTRockstars at least 3 times a week.
  • BBC Bitesize has launched daily lessons for primary school children in English, Maths and Science. Do take a look; they are proving popular with lots of pupils! You can access it here.
Week Beginning 1st June:
This week is all about 'Talk for Writing'. This work booklet is full to the brim with different activities to get you thinking about structuring your writing. I am going to give you 2 weeks to complete your booklet 'The King of the Fishes' from the 'Files to Download' section below, as there is a lot to keep you busy! Don't worry if you can't print anything, just answer on paper.
We are also focussing on sentence punctuation. Take a look at the following pages in your English Homework Book, then choose 2-3 pages to complete.
Year 4 Book - P.36-41
Year 4 Stretch Book - P.34-37
Year 4 Foundation Book - P.40-45
Mrs Lord would like you to work on Number and Calculating, focussing on Division. Complete the following pages in your Maths Homework Book:   Y4 - 12, 18, 27, 40 & 53.
A new topic - Diet and Skeletons. This week is about 'Food Groups and Nutrients'. Mrs Lord has set a task all about finding about the nutrients in our food. Take a look at the information and activity sheets in the 'Files to Download' section below.
Tudor Royalty - Queen Elizabeth I. Watch the PowerPoint 'QEI Portraits' from the 'Files to Download' section below. Then take a look at the descriptions that match (QEI Portrait Descriptions). Can you put the portraits in order of earliest to latest so that they match the descriptions? Don't worry if you can't print anything. Just write down the letter from each portrait and match it with a number from the description.
Continuing with your Trees topic, Mrs Lord would like you to have a go at the investigation 'Thirsty Work' in the 'Files to Download' section below. This week is all about how trees absorb and use water as a transport system.
Work From Previous Weeks:
Week Beginning 25th May:
No work set - half term holiday.
Week Beginning 18th May
This week's work is linked (where possible) to the theme of 'Superheroes', which every primary school in Congleton is taking part in.
English: Choose a superhero (real or imaginary!) and create a short playscript that shows this character 'saving the day'. Remember to use the features of playscripts that you looked at last week to help you piece it altogether. Try and act it out too if you can!
Spellings this week: Suffixes
Look at your English homework book to help you practise the different endings of words. Choose 2-3 pages to complete.
Year 4 - P.76-87
Year 4 Foundation – P.76-87
Year 4 stretch - P.61-66
Maths: Is all about Shape & Space. Mrs Lord would like you to look at the following pages in your Maths Homework Book:                   
Y4 - P.20, 30, 31, 49 & 50
Topic: Unfortunately, the Tudors hadn't heard of superheroes, so we shall leave our Tudor topic for one week! Instead take a look at these cool craft ideas on Superheroes. Have a go at any of the projects. You could even create something for your costume ready for Friday if you wish!
PSHE: In the 'Files to Download' section you will find a research task all about oak trees. Mrs Lord has added an information sheet to help you get started.

Files to Download

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