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YEAR 3 2019 - 2020

Mrs Bours

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Summer Term - 2015 — JEM Swim SchoolWelcome to the Summer Term
Hello Year 3s!
As we can't get together in school yet, I shall continue to put weekly activities onto our class page for you to access. Some will be online tasks, others may be paper-based. Please do complete these by Sunday of each week, as the next week's learning will appear each Monday.
Don't forget to take photos or email any work you do to me at:   hannahbours@castleprimary.co.uk
If you are struggling to plan out when to do your home learning tasks, then do take a look at a suggested timetable for each day that Miss Mason has created for you. 
Things to do EVERY week:
  • Read every day. Reading your own books, ebooks, audio books and being read to make the reading experience far more varied and enjoyable.
  • Weekly EducationCity tasks set for maths, English and science.
  • Maths and English homework books - pages will be given that match the weekly focus.
  • Access TTRockstars at least 3 times a week.
  • BBC Bitesize has launched daily lessons for primary school children in English, Maths and Science. Do take a look; they are proving popular with lots of pupils! You can access them here.
All the resources that you need can be found in the
'Files to Download' section at the bottom of this page.
Week Beginning 29th June:
Letter Writing - As you have spent some time looking at different letter types, this week I'd like you to write your own letter. Choose either an informal letter to someone you know (grandparent, cousin, best friend etc), telling them what you have been up to whilst in lockdown at home, or write a formal letter to Miss Mason about your opinion on returning to school.
Remember the differences between the two letters. I have put the checklists of both letter types in the 'Files to Download' section to help you.
Our spelling focus this week is to revisit those tricky rules and letter patterns that we often forget. Look at the following pages in your homework book:
Y3 - p.96-98
Y3 stretch - P.74-75  
Take a look at the attached booklets on Number and Place Value. Choose which level of challenge you want to complete; you will have 2 weeks to finish the different activities. Impress me with your mathematical knowledge!!
If you really like quizzes, maths and PE all in one there are some brilliant videos on Youtube created by sport coaches. You can find one of the Y3 quizzes here to get you started.
Different Skeletons: Mighty Muscles. How does our skeleton move? What are muscles and how do they help us to do everyday activities? How many muscles do we have altogether?
Watch the following video on 'Muscles Needed for Movement' and find out the answers. Then think about 2 different activities that you can do e.g. running on the spot and reading a book. On the attached worksheet, circle the muscles that you think you might use, and then circle the muscles you have used to perform your chosen activities. 
Tudor Exploration: What discoveries were found in far away lands during the Tudor period? Which were brought back to England? Which do we still use today?
The answers to the questions may well surprise you, as many of the discoveries are things we take for granted, but life was very different in Tudor times. Many food items were introduced to England during this period including: tea, coffee, chocolate, potatoes, turkey, sugar and spices.
Choose one of the items from the list above and design an advertising poster to encourage people to try it. Remember to tell them what to do with the item before they eat or drink it (some of these will be raw!!) and what it tastes like.
What is a charity?:  What skills have you got that would help a charity? Charities are often run by volunteers who give their own time and use the skills they have to make the charity a success. These skills might involve knowledge such as coaching, first aid or financial understanding. They may also involve physical help or fitness to carry out fundraising events.
Take a look at the school charities on the attached document. What skills would you need to help with each one? Which charity would you most like to be involved with?
Let's get started...
From now on Mrs Lord will be in school teaching Year 6. Therefore, I shall continue to set all the online learning tasks for Years 3-5. Please send all of your work to my email address from now on.
Thank you, Mrs Bours x

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