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YEAR 5 2019 - 2020

Mrs Lord

Mrs Findler

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Hello Year 5s!
As Mrs Lord is in school teaching Y6, I shall put weekly activities onto your class page for you to access. Some will be online tasks, others may be paper-based. Please do complete these by Sunday of each week, as the next week's learning will appear each Monday.
Mrs Bours x
Don't forget to take photos or email any work you do to me at:   hannahbours@castleprimary.co.uk
If you are struggling to plan out when to do your home learning tasks, then do take a look at a suggested timetable for each day that Miss Mason has created for you.
Things to do EVERY week:
  • Read every day. Reading your own books, ebooks, audio books and being read to make the reading experience far more varied and enjoyable.
  • Weekly EducationCity tasks set for maths, English and science.
  • Maths and English homework books - pages will be given that match the weekly focus. 
  • Access TTRockstars at least 3 times a week.
  • BBC Bitesize has launched daily lessons for primary school children in English, Maths and Science. Do take a look; they are proving popular with lots of pupils! You can access it here.
All the resources that you need can be found in the
'Files to Download' section at the bottom of this page.
Week Beginning 29th June:
Horror Genre: You should by now have a good idea what makes a scary story. I now want you to think of your own narrative. Use the planning sheet below to help you to think about all the different elements of the story. Write notes, words and phrases to help you to plan out a short scary story.
The spelling focus this week is to recap all the Y5 objectives, and see what you've remembered. Complete the following pages in your English homework book:
Year 5 - P.96-98
Year 5 stretch - P.88-89
Take a look at the attached booklets on Number and Place Value. Choose which level of challenge you want to complete; you will have 2 weeks to finish the different activities. Good luck!
If you really like quizzes, maths and PE all in one there are some brilliant videos on Youtube created by sport coaches. You can find one of the Y5 quizzes here to get you started.
Metamorphosis: Some creatures, as they grow, change completely from one form to another. For instance, a butterfly starts life as a caterpillar and then goes through a growth process over time that changes it into a completely new creature. This is known as metamorphosis. There are many other living things that do this, however I want you to think about an amphibian. It metamorphosises in water into a creature that can swim and jump on land. Many of them are green in colour......have you guessed yet?
Take a look at the attached sheet to see if you can complete the different stages of change for this particular amphibian.
Medicine Through Time: 20th and 21st Centuries. As you know from last week, one of the most important advances in medicine over the last century was the establishment of the N.H.S. This week I would like you to think how you could thank the N.H.S today for all they've done during the Coronavirus pandemic. You can present this how you wish, but here are a few ideas to get you thinking: poetry, model making, poster, a letter or card. It would be really lovely if we could distribute these to our local NHS services once we are back in school.
The Magna Carta: Justice. Last week you started to think about the Magna Carta, which is a historical document signed by King John over 800 years ago. It enabled society to gain rights and gave less power to the monarch. This week we are focussing on 'justice' - fairness and equality for all.
Justice and equality for all is in the news a lot at the moment but throughout history there have been people who have 'fought' for justice in a variety of ways - some in peaceful ways, others not so. Choose a person from the following list to research how they 'fought for justice'. What were they trying to change? What did they have to endure as part of their 'fight'? Were they successful?
                   Martin Luther King                   Emmeline Pankhurst
          Desmond Tutu                           Elizabeth Fry
      Mahatma Ghandi                        Rosa Parks
        Abraham Lincoln                       Anne Frank
Present your findings however you wish. 
Let's get started...

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