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YEAR 5 2019 - 2020

Mrs Bours

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Happy New Year Y5!
I hope you've all had a lovely time with your families and are now ready to work hard again for the spring term.
Following the government's recent announcement of a national lockdown, most of you will be working from home this half term. It's very important that you work hard, and engage in the remote learning tasks, so you can continue to make progress.


All your daily tasks / lessons will now be accessible through Microsoft Teams only. Find them in the ASSIGNMENTS section and complete each day. A new set of assignments will be uploaded each morning, so you will need to make sure you login daily to complete your work. 
Children who are in school will complete the same tasks as those at home. If you are only in school some days and working at home on other days, you will still be expected to complete the daily tasks when you are at home.
Every Tuesday and Wednesday morning there will be virtual Maths and English group work with Mrs Bours and Mrs Lord. (Obviously, children who are in school on these days will also attend). You will each be sent an invite and time to attend the group session, and a register will be taken. This session will appear in your calendar in Microsoft Teams, and all you will need to do is click on the meeting and JOIN. Any resources you need for this group work will be uploaded onto Microsoft Teams.
Please find here a SUGGESTED WEEKLY TIMETABLE to help you to organise your work.
Project work will continue as before. Here are the Topic and Science tasks that will need to be shared with the class at the end of this half term.
Wider Learning - Project Work
This half term our Topic Work is all about 'Chocolate'.
There are lots of different areas of learning linked with the topic.
  • History - When, where and how chocolate was discovered; what it was used as; and how it came to Europe. Who the Cadbury family were; and how a small business became a huge national company?
  • Geography - Where in the world chocolate (cacao) is grown; what the climate is like there; and how it is exported around the world.
  • English - Read 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by Roald Dahl and / or watch the film versions and retell the story, describe the characters, design a new chocolate, and research where Dahl got his ideas from for his most famous book! 
  • PSHE - FairTrade - explore what the Foundation does and how it affects the chocolate making process.
Think about which aspect interests you the most and explore / discover facts; create imaginative artwork; write poetry or a story; build a model or design a PowerPoint or leaflet on a computer. The list is endless....
Bring your completed project with you when we return to school, to share with the rest of the class.
Science Project Work:
Science this half term is Living Things & Their Habitats.
I would like you to produce a project to share with the class by Friday 12th February. How you present the project is up to you - written reports, illustrations, PowerPoints or perhaps a mixture of all these! Try to include answers to the questions below and remember, it's the science that's important!
  • What is classification? How does it work? Why do scientists classify living things?
  • Who was Carl Linnaeus? Why is he such an important scientist?
  • How are animals classified?
  • Why is a platypus a 'conundrum'? Can you invent a new conundrum animal?
  • Can you investigate some endangered animals? Find out what the threats to them are. How can we help to protect them?



As usual, if you need any further information,
just email me at hannahbours@castleprimary.co.uk
Stay Safe, 
Mrs Bours laugh





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