Welcome to Castle Primary School's Computing Curriculum


Here at Castle we strive to provide pupils with a dynamic computing experience.

Technology is all around and we encourage children to embrace it and develop early links with new and established forms, whether at home or in school.

The more interaction young minds have with the ever changing world of computing the quicker they will develop fine motor skills, manual dexterity and a love for technical knowledge.


'Computing is not about computers anymore, it is about living'


When children start at Castle Primary School they are quickly encouraged to intergrate with all aspects and types of technology. We teach Computing lessons to each year group from Reception to Year 6, covering a wide and diverse computing base including, Coding, Programming, Technology systems and Digital Design.


Coding  - skills and knowledge of coding are taught through the development of intergrated code structures and algorithms through various programmes

Examples of codes used: Scratch,, Flowol, Mozilla, Thimble

Programming - children are taught how to use programming languages which then develop into Apps and games

Examples of languages used: HTML, Java, Python

Technology - this knowledge enables our children to develop the use of intergrated systems, create hardware and use robotics

Examples of robotics used: Arduino, Beebot, Lego WeDo

Digital Design - children are able to explore a creative curriculum and how we can intergrate technology with film and animation

Examples of digital designs used: Animate it, Photostory, Scratch, Monkey Jam


'Everyone should learn how to code, it teaches you how to think'

Steve Jobs















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