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Nursery and Reception 2019 - 2020

Mrs Jones

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Hello everyone,

For home learning, I suggest focussing on a topic that your child finds particularly interesting.

Discovery Education has lots of great resources for a whole range of topics; space, dinosaurs, pirates, plants, animals etc. Alternatively choose something that relates to children’s everyday lives, homes, families, pets, the local environment and community. I know some members of the class have farming families so already have a lot of knowledge about farms!

Discovery Education should work automatically if you go through the school website - it will open without using a password. 

Go to the school website and click on DISCOVERY EDUCATION in the navigation bar (the horizontal list of links at the top of the main page).

Discovery Education - Mathematics

  • Foundation for Nursery & KS1 for Reception on the navigation bar
  • A list of learning areas will appear on the left hand side of the page. Click on Maths
  • Scroll down to find various topics

Alternatively; bake a cake and weigh the ingredients, make a number line with things found in your house/garden hide number cards in the garden or around the house, as children find the numbers they read them and then order them into a number line, count out loud in 2’s, 5’s or 10’s, count forwards to 20 and then back to zero. 


Reception children should continue to regularly recap all sounds from phase 2 and 3 as well as the tricky words (at school we would do this daily). Use children’s small blue Phonics books or make flash cards.

Nursery should focus on phase 1 phonics and the letter sounds in phase 2.

Play some phonics games on Discovery Education, Education City, Phonics Play (which is currently all free) or Phonics Bloom.



Story and Reading

Enjoy a story! Listen to and talk about a good book. Read your own reading book.

Talk about books - who the characters are and how they might be feeling, where the story is set and what might happen next. Which part do they like the best, why? If it is a non-fiction book, find out a new fact together and encourage your child to share it with someone else.

Tricky word/sounds ‘High fives’ – Stick up your child’s tricky words or the sound cards 

Hide and seek – hide a selection of your child’s sound cards or tricky words 

Spot the word – focusing on 1 or 2 tricky words see how many places you can spot it/them written – books, signs, packets etc.

Story books – Share a book with them, spotting the tricky words they are learning or other words they are able to read.


Construction allows children to play, explore, actively learn, create and critically think, all things which are crucial to a child’s learning and achieving. It involves anything a child can build, balance and create from and doesn't have to have a set goal in mind. Some of the best construction resources are open ended and what some might consider ‘junk’ so don’t panic if you don’t have Lego bricks or other construction sets, boxes, cardboard tubes, stones and twigs also allow children to discover, explore, investigate and learn.


Use your sound book and tricky words to help you. I have added tricky word mats and sound mats for phase 2, 3 and 5 to the ‘Files to Download’ on our class page. The children regularly use these for support when they are writing at school.

We gave out letter formation sheets to support correct letter formation. Nursery children were given name cards. Have a go at practising the letters your child finds hard. Focus on 1 or 2 at a time.

Songs and Rhymes

Try to learn a new song or rhyme each week.

Free Reading Scheme eBooks with Oxford Owl

Access the sign up page and sign up as a parent hereVisit resources on Oxford Owl for Home website. 

Woodland Trust Nature Detectives

Simple, nature-based activities you can enjoy together.

If you have any questions please email me at jojones@castleprimary.co.uk     


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